Customer Choice Model – Branded Fares

Azores Airlines fares are divided into 6 Brand:

  • SIMPLE”, “BASIC”, “FLEX”, and “TOP” – in Economy service;
  • LIGHT” and “PLUS” – in Comfort service.

Fare values are published per One Way (OW) and can be combined in Half Round Trip and End-on-End.

Customer Choice – Branded Fares’ model features differ from each other and according to the market. They can be consulted here.


Booking classes per Brand/passenger type:

Branded FaresBooking classes
EconomyO, X, V, U, T, N, R, H, Q, L, S, P, W, K, M, B, Y
ComfortA, J, I, D, C



Azores Airlines conditions for each fare.
Carry-on baggage1 piece up to 8 kg1 piece up to 8 kg1 piece up to 8 kg1 piece up to 8 kg1 piece up to 8 kg1 piece up to 15 kg
Checked baggage
Pets, sports equipment and musical instruments included
1 piece up to 23 kg1 piece up to 23 kg2 pieces up to 23 kg2 pieces up to 23 kg2 pieces up to 32 kg
Same day changes1
same-day and route changes: penalty free
Award miles10%50%100%125%150%200%
Seat choice**
Cabin upgrade --
Priority check-in
Baggage priority
Priority boarding
Fast track

Included   Not included   Additional paid service


Simple: not applicable on interline or codeshare flights.
Interline/codeshare flights: services and/or attributes may not be available if the itinerary includes an interline or codeshare flight (operated by other airline than SATA Azores Airlines).


Passengers who are eligible and select the student fare and the resident fare (for residents in the Azores), enjoy an extra piece of luggage up to 23 kg on BASIC and FLEX.